At Floent International, we understand the importance of preparing a child for the 21st century. In this technological age, the basic skills are no longer just reading, writing, and math. The twenty-first-century workplace demands that students develop communicative skills using various medium such as video, graphics and collaborative tools. Creative abilities is no longer reserved for a few; which means students can no longer afford to be simply taught to bury their nose in the textbook and regurgitate what the teacher teaches.

The school provides parents with an easy access to students portfolio so that on a day to day or even throughout the day, parent can view what their children have learnt, their children’s strengths and areas of growth.

At Floent International, our program follows the blended learning model. Students are taught to be self-disciplined and to take a participatory and at times a leading role in what they learn. The teacher guides the learner and provides the learner with tools to facilitate learning. So students take an active and front role in what & how they learn. Our curriculum includes 21st century subjects like computer programming, robotics, blogging/web design, graphic design, video production, and entrepreneurship because of the value we place on students’ success in developing collaborative skills, creative abilities, communicative skills and most importantly critical thinking. The tools provided for each subject are varied and numerous to meet the different learning styles of students. High achievers do not have to wait for the slow ones to catch up with the lesson before the teacher moves on to the next topic. At the same time slow learners have help and guidance when needed so that they can learn at their pace. It is a win-win situation for all students and faculty.

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