Languages Taught

Curriculum Statement

Floent International School’ Curriculum leans heavily on a combination of Assessment Technology, Incorporated curriculum and Ghana Education Service curriculum with the needs of the children and other resource materials (curriculums written by professionals in the field and research based age appropriate assessment tools) - to help us determine what materials we chose and present to the children.

This is to provide students with a Ghanaian relevant education that takes into cognizant global development. This approach has been necessitated because unfortunately, advances in society at large has moved faster than most standard curriculums. Curriculums on subjects like character development, entrepreneurship, robotics, graphic design etc are still in their infancy and so it’s best to rely on curriculums from experts in the field on those subjects like Google Education and instead of depending solely on one standard curriculum.

Program Philosophy:

Floent International School sees children as a gift from God. We see our children as having unique talents and abilities that need the right environment and loving nurturing to develop. We believe in teachers actively engaging children in playful and intentional learning activities that will stimulate growth in the children. Our curriculum and lesson plans take into consideration the unique needs of each child. We create an environment that help children develop a critical mind, a love for learning and a sensitivity to the needs of others as they explore, question, and work independently, within a group of children or with an adult. We assist children to acquire a knowledge of God; form healthy relationships with adults and peer by using a curriculum that works with the guiding principles laid down in of Assessment Technology, Incorporated, Ghana Education Service guildlines and Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

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